Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lately, I seem to just be. I'm just there.

What causes me a little concern is that my output hasn't changed for the worse. I think my work has gotten better.

Maybe the regular me gets in the way.

I know you must be wondering about the mag netic page. It has moved from the design stage, to the pre-production stage which means I bought some stuff.

I have the mag netic paint which is actually a primer coat so I bought paint for the top coat as well. I have appliance white if I wish to make the page look like a little refrigerator and I also have a gold metallic paint.

Paint tends to curl paper when it dries so I originally bought a stiff thin cardboard but then I got the idea of using watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is pretty stiff and it's made to get wet.

Isn't this all very interesting?

I figure that I will cut and punch the page to size before I paint it, mostly because I don't want to punch paper that has fine metal particles painted all over it in my three hundred dollar punching machine.

I really want the page to be as paper like as possible, so I'm going to try valiantly to get the watercolor paper to work. If it curls too much, I'll hold it as flat as possible with the blue painter's tape; it will then have a plain paper border but I can live with that.

I bought a small foam detail roller for applying the paint to the paper which should give a nice thin even coat.

In other news, I'm forgoing the staggered pages in that other document. The next plan is to thumb index it. I've picked up a crescent shaped punch as well as a round punch. I picked up a clamp to use as a stop for the round punch to keep the page at half circle or less than half circle distance.


This truly is a fantastic journey of a story.

I dropped over a hundred bucks at the craft store for supplies and tools. I have a hole drill which can drill a hole through twenty five sheets of paper. I also picked up something for bending wire which I will use for making small paper clips.

I plan on being world renowned for my paper skills and not just world renowned for that joke I told that still gets a few hits from folks searching for "joke" on yahoo. (I'm big in France.)

You can all say that you knew me when.

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