Saturday, March 31, 2007

The trouble with living like there is no tomorrow is what's happens after you wake up the day after.

double space means new thought

I use the double space when … is too much to type.

Friday I was told that the sign would be up Saturday which meant that the domain name would be out in the public. I wondered if I looked as cool as the cucumber I was trying to portray. I really wasn't prepared to go live with the website. There wasn't anything majorly wrong it, it's just that I hadn't taken it through its final run through.

I asked if the domain name was setup so I could post to it, she told me it would be ready Monday and then she asked me what would happen it someone went to the domain name. I said they would probably see an 'under construction' page; so then she tried it.

I watched as she typed in the unique name and then hit the enter key. Low and behold my site popped up. She was looking at the screen, so I didn't have to disguise my eyes getting wide.

I updated it later in the day before the sign had a chance to get put up.

I designed the sign that went up too.

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