Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey, dream self

Notice anything different? You really shouldn’t. It’s just that I’m using a new flash drive. I figured that it was about time to retire the 4GB Sony so I bought a PNY 8GB.

I had dreams last night: one was that I was making a sandwich and the other was that the city was using my front lawn for temporary storage.

I was having problem deciding what I wanted to put into the sandwich as I was making it for someone else; a group of people actually, although there was only one sandwich and it was only of medium size. Salami was the big issue because I could imagine that some people don’t like that kind of cured meat. I knew I could make a sandwich I would like but I was worried that not everyone would like it. I remember putting bacon on top of the pile of whatever I did put in there.

The other dream I was looking out my kitchen window and could see bales of hay wrapped in thick white plastic along with small orange plastic bags that looked like pumpkins. Somehow I knew that some Halloween event was going to take place in the city park across the street and for some reason the city workers dumped the supplies in my front lawn instead of dumping them in the park. I assumed that they would have been in the way of set-up if they had dumped them in the park. I really didn’t care, I wasn’t going to be using the front lawn between now and then but I thought it would have been nice to ask.

I remember turning away from the window while holding a cup of coffee.

Why do ridiculous things seem non-ridiculous in dreams? There are times when I’ll be recalling a dream and wonder why my dream self didn’t think it was abnormal to have a bath tub full of vanilla pudding.

Hey, dream self why is the bath tub full of pudding?

Because that’s not the bathing bath tub that’s the pudding bath tub. The bathing bath tub is upstairs.

Angelina is getting a bunny. I used to have a bunny. Her given name was Cutie Pie but I usually called her Bunny. I would call her Rabbit when she would run to greet me and try to stop but fail and then slide right into my legs almost tripping me because she would mostly do it while I was walking. I was never really certain if she was actually trying to greet me or if she was actually trying to get me to meet my demise.

She was giving to me by a friend and by given I mean unloaded. Originally, there were two rabbits one for each daughter but then one rabbit died because it broke its back while stomping at the miniature Doberman pincer that just arrived in the house. Getting rid of the dog wasn’t an option so the rabbit had to relocate. I believe also that the mother didn’t want the surviving rabbit around to remind young girls about death as well as having the possibility that the surviving rabbit might die in a similar fashion.

Anyway, I was asked if I would take the rabbit or else it would have to go to the animal shelter, so I took the rabbit. I kept her mostly in the living room, in her cage but later I felt that I was like a warden of a rabbit prison so I would let her out while I was around. I was sorry that I didn’t let her roam about freely earlier in our relationship because even though she shed quite a bit and she liked to chew through electrical cords, it was kind of nice doing things like sharing my baby carrots with her.

Another thing she would so is the find the room you where in and then just lounge about in the middle of the floor and it seems stupid to say* but I would sometimes fell a little bit loved but it was probably because she learned that I like snacking on carrots.

When they are pissed off they will stamp their feet and throw things but other than that I think it’s hard to read their emotions.

I think she was seven years old when she died. I had her for three years. I buried her near a lilac tree in the back yard where she should remain undisturbed. Even though I often had an attitude that she was just a rabbit, I missed her once she was gone.

*I say a lot of stupid things here, so it really doesn’t bother me to add yet another layer of retardedness. And remember these are all just fish stories anyway, so nothing here can be taken as the truth. Now I need some time alone as I dry my eyes.

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