Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rocks listen better than trees listen

I rarely type right into the blogger text window because in the old days one would always hear stories about how blogger ate a post but sometimes I will live on the edge, like right now, and type right into the text window. I'm badass.

Anyway, I was busy at work so I really had no time to think up amusing and amazing things to say so you will have to do without my loveliness today.

I feel a little beat-down but not really beat-down but kind of like a rock who everyone beats-down on. It really does no damage to the rock but that rock would really just like to be left alone because you are just wasting time or if not left completely alone maybe the rock could have a pretty lady sit on him for awhile while she gets left alone and confides her secrets that are troubling her to the rock because she thinks that the rock isn't listening or more accurately that rocks can't listen but little does she know that rocks do listen. It's just that they can't talk.


I often wish that everyone would just do their own job, so that I can just do mine.

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