Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm a riot

At lunch, it was all the regulars and all the regulars have all their regular lines and one of the lines from Tony is "I come here for the women.” He says it most every time when he is asked if he wants a beer.

Tony is in his mid to late eighties and he’s a standup guy, so it’s funny when he says it unlike if someone else where to say it then they would be an a-hole.

So, when he said it today JM, the bartender, replied, “Most men do,” to which I replied, “And some women, too.” She laughed and I then said, while looking around the bar “Although I haven’t seen her yet today.” JM mentioned that she was confident that she would show up.

Four minutes later, she walked through the door. She’s a lady who always wears a black leather jacket. Her attire is not that dissimilar to a truck driver's and I’m pretty sure she has a little bit of a wispy beard. She’s been coming into the bar for quite some time but the first person I had ever seen her talk to was JM. Whenever I see her coming, I'll say "Here comes your girlfriend."

JM then looked over at me and said “Timmy, how did you know? I think you have powers.” I just shrugged.

It’s really we’re all just creatures of habit and I'm a bit nosy.

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