Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maybe it was the sadness in his eyes

I sent JM a facebook* message letting her know that she made "the list." She replied that the lady is a pain in her ass and that she was waiting by the door at 11:30am to be let in. She had written some other things too and I was struck with the image of a stray cat.

There are sometimes when you see stray cat out looking for either attention or food or both and you may feel a bit of pity for this stray cat so you'll feed it or scratch it behind the ears or both but you're just trying to help it get through the day; you're not trying to make it your pet but yet it follows you around to the point where you're tripping over it.

I don't know why I felt I needed to take a picture of this squirrel.

He doesn't seem to be anything special but yet, I went and got my camera.

And I've seen squirrellier. Maybe it was the sadness in his eyes

*JM is the reason I even have a Facebook page she said, "You've got to try this. It's better than MySpace." It does help me keep in touch with some friends, though.

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