Sunday, March 07, 2004

I don't like silverfish.

Every time I play poker with the guys I'll separate out the money I'm willing to lose from the rest of my pocket money. One reason I do this is to figure out how much I won or lost and also so I will have cab fare home. Every time so far, I have had to use my pocket money to make change or something, so as of yet I have never truly known how much I have won or lost. You would figure I would just count all the money I walk in with, but that solution is just too simple for me.

I do know this, at one point in time I was down at least eighty dollars but after the last hand I had one hundred twelve dollars and seventy-five cents in chips sitting in front of me. I was told I won five out of the last eight hands, the last hands are usually for more money than the beginning hands so it worked to my advantage. I wish I could say it was masterful cardsharking but I think it was mostly dumb luck. The two full houses came in handy.

The selection of beer I brought received a "good choice", the beer brought by me: Coors Original, Harpoon Hibernian Irish Red, and Amstel Light, my three favorite, not necessarily in that order.

I also brought mini hamburgers which were a pain to make but were rather tasty and impressed the wife of our host. Our host for poker this time is the best cook of all of us, so that was a decent complement.

I attempted an additional snack but I wasn't pleased with it ....

I'm at the real estate office and just had a silverfish crawl on my neck, the silverfish is now part of the carpet. Anyway..

The attempted additional appetizer, appealed to me not so it continued to abide at my abode.

Another round of mini burgers made an appearance back at my house today because I had over bought, but it did give me a chance to improve on the home made mini rolls.

My hands still have a faint odor of yeast, even after repeated washings of them and assorted cookware.

I just got a call from Lady G's son asking if I have blue food coloring in the house. Who am I Susy Homemaker?

My check for the r.e. was waiting for me on my chair, unfortunately for me it is unsigned. I could forge it but I don't forge my own checks. It's bad form, even when I have permission from the owner. I don't need the money right now anyway.

So, Saturday and Sunday were both good days for me. I didn't worry about my house. I didn't need to worry about money. I got to spend time with family and friends. I made progress on a better mini hamburger roll. I did however, see one of those furry little buggers crawl through a different hole in the house on Saturday, but I'm putting worrying about that until tomorrow.

Monday I think will bring a new set of problems mostly day job related, which will probably be posted here. If not Monday than early in the week, problems will show up.

I don't like silverfish.

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