Wednesday, March 03, 2004


That little furry imp, the one I had hoped was out of the house before I sealed him in, well, you see, he was still in, in the house.

So, I get home after the day job, I go to the roof to check to see if anything has been fussing about with my repair.

Good news, looks like nothing was fussing. (that seems to kinda rhyme to me but how can it?)

So, I go back inside and there is the heathliest, largest, fittest squirrel scampering up a wall, a wall that has been stripped to the wooden lathe.

It looks like my unpaying tenant now prefers the outside over the inside and is trying to figure out how to pass through a window. I open one window on an adjacent wall and pop the screen off and then open the one the squirrel was trying to utilize. The squirrel didn't care for my assistance and left the area. I was trying to watch the doorway but...yeah, I took my eyes off the doorway and umm...I'm hoping he went out the window I opened first, cause I couldn't find him.

And why is there no door to this room?

Oh, well.

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