Monday, March 01, 2004

The roofing tar is in the basement? Great!

Friday night, phone rings.
"Tim it's *your supervisor*, how are you?"
"I'm good"
"You probably think I'm an asshole but I didn't forget about the twenty you gave me at lunch"
"What?" I had forgotten at the Bar & Grill I left earlier than the others and my supervisor thought he might be short so I gave him a twenty.
"The twenty you gave me, I was playing Keno at the Elks and hit for twenty and remembered the twenty you gave me."
"Don't worry about it"
"But I do"
"Well, don't. I had forgotten about it."
"I'll give it to you next week"
"Okay" said with as much 'forget about it' as I could muster

After work, sometimes my supervisor and I will partake of an offer for $1.50 pints from a local establishment, after three to five rounds we head our separate ways. My supervisor will almost always pick up the tab, I will even have my money out first and hand it to the barkeep but he will have the barkeep return my money to me. Yet he worries about the double sawbuck.

I carry stamps, postage stamps, right in my wallet, I'm a dork like that, anyway my supervisor knows this and he'll ask to buy stamps from me to save him the trip. I'll be like just take 'em but he won't he has to buy them.

Hey, *my supervisor* I'm not going to hold the thirty seven cents over your head. How many beers do you buy me? They probably think I'm your bitch.

Last Friday, my supervisor, who is trying the Akins Diet, was drinking Vodka Tonics, which is a very nice drink, Vodka Tonics because beers have carbs, I think he had four at six point five apiece. Youch!


Tang and Tonic, is one of my other libations of choice mainly cause I think it's cool to order and it tastes like booze, sometimes I like the booze. Usually at social events, I'll order the gin drink, unless I think it will make folks judge me uncouth if I drink beer from a bottle. When that's the case I will sometimes grab a beer for each hand. Pardon me, if I don't shake, my hands are full.


So, I leave my space to fetch a juice, I'm thinking cranberry straight up, juices are on the floor number one, on the way down the elevator stops on five, doors open, then nothing. Nothing, which is followed by two guys each yielding for each other until the doors start to close. So, both these guys are jackasses in my book, just step onto the elevator. I have juice to buy.


I got hooked on cranberry juice when I was just a wee lad. Some of my earliest memories are of me in a hospital, kidney troubles, troubles which could be helped by drinking cranberry juice. A portion of my cranberry juice drinking in the present, is partnered with Vodka.


But when I sing my darling's praise
I know I'm right, or close anyways


So, I get an email, please update this attached file by March 8, 2004, the message gets me a bit pissed but hey, that's my job, updating stuff. I'm not certain as to why the message bothers me, the assignment is not difficult. So, I'm doing the assignment and a planner comes over, just hovering about, looking around my space. I acknowledge his presence and I'm asked "do you have that tracing paper, still?".

Dude, look at this cube, you returned that tracing paper last Thursday, I don't have the room to be storing infrequently used items in my cube. Why didn't you hang onto it until you were done with your foolishness. "I put it away" is what was said with some attitude to let him know my displeasure. If he asked if he could use the tracing paper again or something similar, I would not have been irritated. If he just asked the same question without examining my entire area, I would not be irritated. I expect too much from this planner and I let the little things bother me.

My irritation is more my fault than his and that irritates me.


There is a squirrel living in my eaves. He was giving me attitude because I was producing more noise than he preferred, or maybe he felt I was encroaching on his territory. I'll be up the roof later today.

Sometimes when I'm watching the squirrels, I'll determine how easy it would be to shot them. I'm not a bad shot.

When the DC sniper thing was happening, folks were like "Oh, he must be a trained sniper" and I'm like, pleeeez, I could have made all those shots with scope. As it turns out it was just some regular guys messed up in the head who put minimal thought into the whole process. Not some trained masterplanner. It's not the formally trained demented I have worries about.

Don't worry about the squirrels, they are safe. I have trouble eating meat sometimes if I think too long on from whence it comes. So, I can't picture myself actually shootings the furry tailed rats. ...Although I have shot a rat but that a different story.


Hey, Tim, come here, ...your girlfriend is very nice.
Thanks. I have a lot to do with that.


I didn't go to the real estate office this weekend so when I got off the subway, I had a message on my cell phone asking when I would be in.

After I deal with the squirrel issue.

the squirrel issue - about 36 inches of chewed up stuff

the issue being address by some guy with a gut

the sloppy fix but chew through that you furry bastard

I hope that bugger was out of the house.

So I clean off the roofing tar with paint thinner and receive a splitting headache, maybe because of the vapors, maybe a combination of things but a headache none the less. I grab my cell phone which has a habit of shutting off, like it was and there is another message waiting, another agent. Sheeeeit.

I get something to eat on the way to the real estate office so I don't pass out, I forget to get gasoline and I find out that I got some roofing tar on my jeans.

Other than that things are great, the headache is trying to make a comeback. I think I'm just going to finish the one important thing which is a market analysis and then leave. I have issues with how the information was left for me but I'm done complaining for now.

Oh yeah, for some reason I put the roofing tar in the basement, maybe I wanted a workout lugging a fifty pound bucket up to the roof.

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