Wednesday, March 03, 2004

too busy for lunch.

trash picker with ambition

I sometimes get carried away removing signs

"Where's your phone?"
"Right here." says I
so he does the two way feature that Nextel offers and gets a message that informs him "TARGET NOT AVAILABLE" and says "oh, maybe its a bad signal" and does it again.
"I have it shut off, battery's dead"
"The city goes through the expense of a phone and you keep it off?"
"The battery goes dead, I mentioned that before"
so he pages the phone again, he gets the same message and says "O.K. commissioner, I'll tell Tim, he's in the area" does the page again and feigns frustration. He comes up with a few different scenarios some of which are kinda funny. I explain again about the short life of the battery and apologize and state that I had the phone on but the battery ran out but that I did documented when it went off.
"I have it written down, I'll show you the note"
So I start rummaging through all my pockets. Twice.
"No, wait, I have it really. Oh, here it is"
So, I pull my hand out of my pocket and give him the finger.

And we laughed and laughed and laughed

He was really just looking for a lunch partner.

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