Thursday, March 04, 2004

A smoke would be great
right now.

One of my maps is missing, the map is not important, it was just there to keep people from stealing my clips. I cannot remember which one it was...

later that day the light bulb went on

It was the 345Kv Nstar map.

Now I can worry about other things that don't matter.


See, that blog there? That's the web log I wish I could be.

Actually, I could be that if I chose/choose to get a life.

My waxing has been waned. I take the round about trip to end up nowhere. Or, is it my waning has been waxed?

Does it matter?

Ever hear that over analysis leads to paralyzes? Well, that's me. ...I hate that saying. I also hate the saying we agree to disagree. No! I will shout. I don't agree to that either. I don't agree to disagree. You need to smarten up and agree with me.

I actually argued the point of disagreeing to agree to disagree, ...the other fellow, he disagreed.


If I were to have my own house painting business. I would name it 'Brushes with Greatness'.


I got word today, on the q.t., that this department has budgeted to take care of me. That's seems like good news, right? Well, it causes me problems. For years and years, I have heard that the department is trying to take care of me, but yet my business card hasn't needed changing. Also, a differnet department is trying to make room for me there. That different department is making room at a higher than present pay scale but lower than what I'm told will be mine in the near future with this department.

My current department has me doing political crap with some meaningful stuff thrown in, the other department will have me doing less meaningful stuff but no political crap and I would be working for someone I respect.

My guess is that I'll go where the money is, I would like to say that I chase the money to secure my future but I'm afraid that I'm just a money whore.

I would welcome an easy decision any day now, maybe my decisions are easy and I just make them seem hard.


"That don't make no sense" - Pete from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?


There are times I wish I had a cigarette, I'll be sitting, thinking and nothing will be coming and I think it would be great if I were dragging on a butt right now, looking like I was pondering some grand notion. Smokers seem to think harder (when they're not all stressing), the long inhale, the holding and the seemingly even longer exhale, all while deep in thought, thinking in depth. There seems to be progress in the solving with every action that a smoker takes.

Pulling, ...holding, ...pushing smoke all while looking you in the eye, while you await a verbal reply.

...umm, what are you going to do?

....I'm working on it. Can't you see me smoking?

Smoking buys you thinking time, you don't need to answer as long as that smoke lasts. And if that ciggy runs out just light another. If I were to sit and 'think' that long without speaking, I would get my head thumped on, melon-style, while being asked "hello, is anybody in there?". But if I'm partaking a Camel unfiltered my inquistors have to wait.

I'm smoking, do not pester me with your impatience. "You need to relax, here have a smoke"


How am I? "It's all bubbles and sunshine." fucker.

So, I'm like asking what do you think and then saying thanks, but I don't care. (but I really do care, it's just that I don't want to)

The most senior guy was being told by the commissioner that he is not to use words like, obstruct, difficulties, hardship as well as general synonyms for no fucking way, she tell him he needs to be positive, which makes him negative. He starts to walk away and he asks me how I'm doing and I say "it's all bubbles and sunshine" loud enough for other ears.


At lunch today I'm greeted by Lynn, she works the same place as Liz, Lynn says "hey, baby how you doing?". Do I look that easy? Lynn did get a 35.92% tip however.

I scored a Keno hat, it's a fine hat, top quality but what does it say about me if I'm walking around in a Keno hat. "No, I don't have a gambling problem. I just like free hats"

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